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Johnstone Strait

Birds on a log in Johnstone Strait

Johnstone Strait is the best place in the world to kayak with killer whales and North Island Kayak is who to do it with. It is located between the northeastern end of Vancouver Island and the coastal British Columbia (BC) mainland. It is a fun place to kayak and has no road access or signs of human habitation once one is beyond the borders of Telegraph Cove. Johnstone Strait is internationally renowned as the finest place in the world to view the Orcas or Killer Whales in the wild. The Broughton Archipelago Marine Park, snow capped mountain peaks, and stands of old growth forest provide a gorgeous setting for paddlers to witness the congregation of up two hundred resident and transient pods of Orcas from June to October. The temperate rainforest of the area provides habitat for an abundance of wild creatures including the magnificent Bald Eagle, Deer, Black Bear, marine life such as Salmon, Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, Dahl’s Porpoises, Seals, Sea Lions and the occasional Humpback, Minke or Grey Whale. The Johnstone Strait area is also situated under the “Pacific Flyway” bird migration path, and often-unusual types of birds are seen.


The Orca gather to socialize, interact, and visit the rubbing beaches of Robson Bight and feast on the numerous runs of salmon that must pass through Johnstone Strait on their way to spawning grounds to the south. Ocean kayaks provide one of the most exhilarating vantage points from which to observe the Orcas. Undisturbed by our presence, they will allow a close encounter of the whale kind!

The summer climate of Johnstone Strait is typified by still, cool mornings with hardly a breath of wind and usually some fog. As the day progresses the fog lifts, like a curtain pulling back to show the spectacular views. Late afternoon winds are frequesnt and usually from the North West. The further West you are in Johnstone Strait, the less these winds affect us kayakers. These winds usually drop for early evening to yield spectacular sunsets and the sight of distant fog banks rolling in. Clear overnight skies combined with no light pollution offer incredible star gazing opportunities. Our occasional summer storms come when the wind shifts to the South East, These winds have the long funnel of Johnstone Strait to pick up speed and will occasionally keep us off the water. They also bring rain. We typically only see this for 2 days a month in the summer.


Birds on a log in Johnstone Strait
Kayaking in Johnstone Strait
Johnstone Strait looking South East towards Robson Bight

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